Metabolic function test


There are many reasons why individual foods can cause discomfort. In general, all of these reactions are referred to as food intolerances.More specifically, a distinction is made between reactions that are mediated by the immune system (food allergies) and reactions that are not mediated by the immune system (food poisoning, pseudo-allergies and metabolic diseases). On the one hand, the symptoms of food allergies are so varied that it is unlikely that an allergic event will be the trigger without the corresponding experience. On the other hand, the symptoms that occur are not identifiable with the exception of any foods. The symptoms are therefore usually classified as "functional" and the patient with the label "psycho-somatic" as a labile, depressive or manic person in the category "hopeless cases" filed. The symptoms can be quite dramatic in some cases, and sometimes patients are severely limited in their daily lives.


In our practice we carry out a complementary medical diagnosis and therapy concept called ImuPro.